Think Blaze

Think Blaze

ThinkBlaze is a project we’ve been working on the last few months; it is a research and idea generation organization, a think tank of sorts and it has issued its first work, a study titled “Does the Learning Medium Matter?” It looks at the impact of low-cost tablets on children in elementary school with some considerations about the very serious problem of the Digital Divide.

Being cloned is a compliment?


They say Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I suppose it says something about your presumed success that ones Apps are being cloned and we’ve had our own case of apps being copied identical to our design and mechanic, but the below really takes the cake!


I’ve never heard of this company (Grass Roots Apps) before but they didn’t even bother changing the icon and are still calling it a Pet Salon of sorts. Even in the world of fast cloning and the business realities surrounding it, this is a bit too much. Luckily we own the trademark on our designs and will likely take action but what does this mean for many other app makers that don’t have such legal support?

I suppose we should be flattered for having been so audaciously cloned Winking smile

A simple tweak could improve app discovery for everyone

One of the most common problems in the world of apps is app discovery. In our most recent blog post we discuss this idea in some more detail.

The summary of the suggestion is: don’t show apps that have already been installed on your device when you are browsing the top rankings. If you are a moderately active user, chances are you already have a fair number of the Top 25 apps installed, so you are already engaged with those products and don’t need to see them again when you browse top lists. This simple tweak would benefit app developers, consumers and the platform. For more on this click here.

Appstore optimization

The Game Industry still appears to be in denial

E3 proves that the “traditional”Gaming Industry is still largely in denial about both Apple and the whole new social gaming space. I wasn’t expecting that Facebook or social games or the iPad were going to dominate discussions at E3 but it’s as if these platforms never existed. How convenient.

The feeling appears to be mutual.

None of the large social gaming companies were present, most notably Zynga (which recently inked a sizeable multimillion dollar investment with Softbank) didn’t even have a presence, as if they didn’t care (and perhaps they don’t!). The President of ESA, organizers of E3, in an interview titled  Why isn’t Zynga at E3? explained their absence as “it was probably a little too early”. So what he’s suggesting is that Zynga wasn’t ready for E3? It’s rather well known that Zynga has not been very popular amongst many in the game industry.

Even EA’s Playfish (which has a relevant FIFA and social gaming lineup) was completely MIA, which suggests that EA themselves may consider EA Playfish as an indistinguishable “category” of its own.

If the Gaming Industry wants to beat or adapt to this new wave they will need to do a lot better than to ignore them. Jesse Shell’s earlier presentation at DICE 2010 many months ago made a strong case about how the industry simply cannot ignore these new trends but I guess that message has yet to properly sink in.

As Rob Enderle’s described it “the gaming industry has been anemic”, while he said that specifically about Apple’s entry into the sector I get the same feeling about Social Gaming.