15 Years

Dear Outblazers,We’re 15 years old and what an amazing ride it’s been. Technically, 15 years only makes us a teenager, but we are a teenager who is also one of the most pioneering technology companies in Hong Kong and, in fact, the world.

To give you some perspective, when we started Outblaze:
– most Outblazers had not even thought about university yet
– the Internet had a penetration rate of about 3% globally
– fixed broadband subscribers in Hong Kong numbered just 11,000! 
In 15 years Outblaze has accomplished a lot. We quickly became dominant in the region, and have always been influential leaders in our technology sectors. Starting in 1998 we provided the backbone for Asia’s first crop of Internet companies and portal sites like China.com, Star TV, and PCCW. We enabled some of the largest portals in the USA to run what today would be called Cloud Computing services – companies like Network Solutions, Register.com, Mail.com, Univision and Lycos.
We were early with 3D Animation back in 2000/1. We partnered with adidas to make the very first advergaming MMOG in 2006 for the FIFA World Cup (called Impossible Team Online). We created our first smartphone app in early 2009 when the number of iPhones was less than 10 million. We were one of the  world’s largest e-mail and anti-spam companies – significant enough for IBM to buy all our messaging technology and establish the first real development lab of ANY major international tech company in Hong Kong, and we started developing for Android before Google Play was even born and in-app purchasing was only just released.
Outblaze over 10 years ago

Outblaze over 10 years ago

Today, we are one of the largest and most respected app developers and publishers worldwide with dozens of awards, hundreds of apps, over 150 million downloads and 2.5 billion mobile game sessions and growing!
Your commitment to our culture of hard but fun and passionate work is demonstrated in the products that we build. Your willingness to improve and innovate is the reason why we are able to compete on the global stage, day after day. The work you do has made us a pioneer for the last 15 years, and will make us a pioneer for many more years to come!
Asiaweek Year 2000

We don’t call ourselves the Early Adopters for nothing. Every single Outblazer has earned the right to that proud title.

Thank you for an amazing 15 years, and I look forward to many more years of fun and games…literally!

3 thoughts on “15 Years

  1. I’ve visited the Outblaze office in Cyberport last year. Great office, people and atmosphere. Current metrics (DAUs, MAUs) are displayed close to the entrance, where everyone (employees and visitors) can take inspiration from.

    Even this scale, Outblaze is still actively experimenting with all kinds of new technologies. I see small, lean teams dedicated to highly polished products, visualizing of the next hit game to produce.

    What’s next in store, for Outblaze? Any high level details to share, without revealing too much?

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